A bouquet of Jetex kits

Many and varied are the kits which have been produced since 1949 up to the present to take advantage of Jetex propulsion. This section of the Jetex.org website presents details of a number of examples, of different types.


On this page we give details of the kits illustrated in the vintage photograph above.

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A Bouquet of Classic Kits

Jetex Wren

 Jetex Wren replica by Howard Metcalfe This model is the Jetex Wren for Atom 35 power, designed by Mike Ingram.

This photograph shows a replica constructed by Howard Metcalfe, using the old ads in Aeromodeller. He also made a flying version, which "proved to be a superb little flyer and flew well with both Rapier L1 and L2".

 Photograph contributed by Howard Metcalfe





Jetex Sharky

 Jetex Sharky in Solent Sky MuseumThis model is the Jetex Sharky, produced by Wilmot Mansour as a "Ready to Fly" kit.

This photograph shows it sitting on the tail of a Spitfire in the Solent Sky Museum Jetex display.

As for motive power, the box simply states “Powered by a Jetex Motor”, without indicating the size. However, inside the box, purchasers found a 50B motor, together with instructions, mounting clip and a box of fuel; the model illustrated shows the 50B in place.

 Photograph contributed by Howard Metcalfe

Jetex Helicopter

 Jetex Jet Helicopter kit box Proudly billed by Wilmot Mansour as "the only toy helicopter in the world to rise off the ground under its own power", the Jetex Helicopter came "complete with two 50 Jetex motors" and was "ready to fly".

Although identified in the instructions as the "Jetex Plastic Helicopter", only the body and wheels were of plastic, with the pre-finished blades being made of balsa.

 Photograph by Andy Blackwell; contributed by 'Rocky' Simmonds

Jetex Interceptor Fighter

 Jetex Interceptor Fighter kit box This "Ready-to-fly" model from Wilmot Mansour is powered by a Jetex 50C with augmenter tube and "takes off under its own power".

The kit illustrated was sold on ebay in January 2003 for £150.00 (approx. $US250.00).

 Photograph spotted by John McKnight

Jetex Racing Car

 Jetex Racing Car kit box and model Promoted as "The Fastest Car for it's [sic] size in this World!", this "Jet Propelled Racing Car" was Wilmot Mansour's venture into Jetex-powered speed on four wheels.

It came ready to race, with a pylon and tether, a Jetex 50C motor and a tin of 20 pellets.