Operating the Jetex 50

- drawings by Carlo Godel


Below, we reprint the operating instructions provided with the original Jetex 50 motor.

  1. Be sure the engine is firmly held in its mounting bracket. and that the bracket is securely attached to the vehicle.
  2. Pinch off sufficient lead-in wick and insert through the jet nozzle, so that the inner end contacts the wick coiled on top of the fuel pellet.
  3. Light the wick.
  4. Igniting the fuel pellet will usually blow the wick core out of the nozzle. If it sticks. immediately pluck it free. Wet your thumb and finger before lighting the wick, so that you will be ready to do this if necessary.
  5. Wait 2 or 3 seconds until a strong steady hissing indicates that thrust has been developed.
  6. Release the model.



Illustration sources:

- Original drawings by Carlo Godel